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marc fisher

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I was born Friday the 13th, in March of 1953. It has never brought me bad luck. Or maybe it has. How would do I know?I was raised in Duvernay surrounded by my three sisters, Mother and accountant Father. A few weeks before his death, my father revealed to my sisters and me that his Mother had been very poor, and placed him in an orphanage. He had tried his best to be adopted, smiling ear to ear.  It didn’t work.  Was it for this reason the little orphans story resonated so strongly in me?My scholarly achievements at St-Ignace College opened doors for me, which I subsequently botched. I ended up choosing the unlikely career of Novelist.

I became a father later on, and writes at least ten hours a day, every day, which I don’t recommend to anyone, because it’s just not smart: there are so many other things one can do; there are countries to visit, music to listen to, museums to haunt, and friends with whom you can cork a nice bottle with – and even golf isn’t such an uninteresting hobby to explore!  I’ve advised my travel agent to reserve a first class ticket around the world – on the day of my death! Until then, I busy myself with my two muses: my daughter and my wife.


Adopting spontaneous abstinence at seventeen, I entered the Current, as the Buddhists say, alone, without spiritual guidance. I was transformed, exalted, calmed and inexplicably happy, which is the best way to be happy, and the most reliable too! I thought myself a novelist, (after all one needs to have a skill!), but in reality, I what I really was, was a vacationing yogi, fully retired from all things worldly.

At thirty, I wrote The Millionaire, which has since been translated into  thirty languages. Its success resulted in an external freedom – a perfect reflection of my inner freedom.

And, what would be the third most important moment of my life? The birth of my daughter Julia, a moment that cannot go unnoticed – she is the apple of my eye! Also worth mentioning,  is my unforeseen marriage to a much too pretty, much too young woman, who is infinitely more brilliant than I deserve: luckily, love is blind! 


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‘It’s extraordinary. I am upset and speechless. I think you’re doing a great bookstore success! ‘Jenny Langevin


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‘It’s amazing to read the end. Wow, that’s wonderful. It only remains for me to buy a magic lamp! ‘Mariève Tremblay.

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